In the hunt for the Paranormal

What do we know of the Paranormal? Do ghosts actually exist? Does the search into the unknown fill you with wonder? We fear what we don’t know because we don’t understand it. If a door closes by itself, could there be a logical explanation for it?

There are many questions into this phenomena because there is very little “evidence” recorded. Can recording devices, special cameras, and meters capture what evades the naked eye?

This Halloween season, take a journey with a group of Paranormal Investigators as they try to answer these questions and more. In Beyond the Darkness, this Paranormal Thriller novel explores the possibilities that exist between this world and the next. It examines our own self reflecting questions on what happens after we die.

What better way to get into the spirit of Halloween? Beyond the Darkness. Discover for yourself what awaits.

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Author: mattabyron

Writing a fictional narrative in hopes of telling a better story.

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