In The Time We Lose


There are moments that happen. Events that shape our lives. And before we know it, that time has passed. When we are younger, time ticks by at a snail’s pace. Slow and steady as the child wants to leap forward. No patience for the everyday cycle of life. They want to be out of school. Move out of their parents home. Independent. As we grow older, time no longer heaves at a snail’s pace. There is no more staring at the clock, wishing for time to move. The snail has grown into something more. Time now quickens to a degree that is reminiscent of a roller coaster barreling down its next corkscrew. Racing on at blinding speed. Keeping us focused on what’s ahead without ever giving us a glimpse of what we left behind.

There are points in life where you need to jump off the roller coaster and take a moment to reflect on where you’ve been. Remind yourself of the people you have met along the way that had made the journey memorable. As you look upon the world you live now, decades removed from the child you once were, remember the moments in your life that mattered. The people that made those moments what they were. Life, in all its frailty and uncertainties, can also be memorable. In our haste to move ahead, to reach the next milestone in our life, we should also look back and remember the moments that mattered with the people that helped define us. We are nothing without our past. We would be a thick sail on a windless day if it were not for the memories we hold close to our hearts.

We so often forget all the steps we took to bring us to now. The times where we leaned on those who were close to us. The laughter that brought us to tears and tears that brought us to humbleness. In the time we lose, we gain the love of the ones we have been honored to know. To cherish the moments that mattered with the people we chose to make them with. In the time we lose, we grow in the knowledge that we have lived a life with people that matter, moments that carry on in our thoughts. Cherish those around you. Remember the ones you grew up with. Each second we lose a moment in time. Make each moment matter. Remember the moments that did. Look forward to moments that will be